Sunday, 20 October 2013

How to make Fake Blood

Halloween is nearly upon us, and now is the time when the world and his mother will want to get their hands on the Film-Maker's favourite prop - Fake Blood!

Theatrical blood isn't cheap, costing many pounds/dollars for just a small 25ml bottle, so if your ambition is to produce a low budget zombie movie requiring gallons of the red stuff, you may find it quite expensive

Ordinary red stuffs don't cut the mustard - Red fruit juice is too thin and runny and ketchup isn't going to fool anyone. You need something viscous, deep red and slightly opaque - and cheap!

Luckily such a substance is not difficult to produce - In fact you may well already have in your larder all the ingredients you need to make very convincing fake blood.

So if you are looking for a way to make cheap, convincing (and edible) fake blood - Look no further, just check out the video below.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Head Shot Gunshot effect with Windows Movie Maker

Ever wanted to shoot someone in the head - I'm speaking Cinematically of course. Well if so, you're in luck because in In this episode we show you how you can easily produce the classic headshot. 

No fancy (or expensive) editors, or high end programs like Aftereffects are needed to produce this quick n' easy effect. You can do this with even the most basic of video editors. To prove the point we demonstrate the whole technique using nothing more than Windows Movie Maker. 

This is also a special episode as it marks our 1000th subscription (Hip Hip Hurrah!) and to celebrate this fact, EVIL TED the megalomaniac Teddy has returned to help us with our demonstration, but it's not for the squeamish because  he's as evil as ever.

Don't take my word for it. Check it out in the video below.

~~~~~~Headshot Gunshot Effect~~~~~~