Friday, 15 November 2013

How to do Jump Cuts

Do your Vlogs lack snap and pazazz? Do they ramble on a bit? - Then you need to discover Jump Cuts! 

What are Jump Cuts? Jump cuts is a rough 'n ready video editing technique, the sole purpose of which is to cut out all the rubbishy content of your Vlogs, such as ummms, aahhs  and pregnant pauses, and to stitch together the rest of the content into a fast pacey Vlog.

Check out the vlogscape on and around Youtube and you will see that this video editing technique has become the de facto way to edit Vlogs as it provides pace and zing to even the most mundane videos. 

This video transition technique is quick and easy to do and can be done with even the most basic of Video editors - in fact the demo here is done with Windows Movie Maker ( don't have a copy? No problem  you can download it free from the link at

Sunday, 20 October 2013

How to make Fake Blood

Halloween is nearly upon us, and now is the time when the world and his mother will want to get their hands on the Film-Maker's favourite prop - Fake Blood!

Theatrical blood isn't cheap, costing many pounds/dollars for just a small 25ml bottle, so if your ambition is to produce a low budget zombie movie requiring gallons of the red stuff, you may find it quite expensive

Ordinary red stuffs don't cut the mustard - Red fruit juice is too thin and runny and ketchup isn't going to fool anyone. You need something viscous, deep red and slightly opaque - and cheap!

Luckily such a substance is not difficult to produce - In fact you may well already have in your larder all the ingredients you need to make very convincing fake blood.

So if you are looking for a way to make cheap, convincing (and edible) fake blood - Look no further, just check out the video below.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Head Shot Gunshot effect with Windows Movie Maker

Ever wanted to shoot someone in the head - I'm speaking Cinematically of course. Well if so, you're in luck because in In this episode we show you how you can easily produce the classic headshot. 

No fancy (or expensive) editors, or high end programs like Aftereffects are needed to produce this quick n' easy effect. You can do this with even the most basic of video editors. To prove the point we demonstrate the whole technique using nothing more than Windows Movie Maker. 

This is also a special episode as it marks our 1000th subscription (Hip Hip Hurrah!) and to celebrate this fact, EVIL TED the megalomaniac Teddy has returned to help us with our demonstration, but it's not for the squeamish because  he's as evil as ever.

Don't take my word for it. Check it out in the video below.

~~~~~~Headshot Gunshot Effect~~~~~~

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Zero budget DIY Camera Slider - Easy and Instant!

How we all love those sexy slow slider camera shots that we see on the movies and TV. 

The way that the camera seems to effortlessly and smoothly float past the array of ingredients on your favourite cookery program, the smooth segue of the camera as it displays the dazzling flowers on those gardening programs and the slow considered change of point of view on those sumptuous period dramas.

Of course the equipment to carry out this feat of cinematographic splendour - a camera slider - are not cheap bits of kit. 

But despair not people, you can produce similar sexy smoothness with very little in the way of equipment. In fact you may already have everything you need to do this

So check out the video below, This incredibly quick and simple DIY hack will allow you to take those sexy smooth slider shots that you've seen on the movies and TV with virtually nothing in the way of equipment and cost. 

For something so quick and easy, the results of this DIY slider are remarkably good. Try it yourself.

Monday, 29 July 2013

Make a Pro Video Intro with WMM

Do you find the standard titling options in Windows Movie Maker (WMM) a bit Mnnahhh...? Do you long for something with a bit more gravitas that will bestow an aura  of high technology jiggery-pokery?

Alas, we all know that this kind of intro requires high octane (and costly) programs like "After effects". There is no way you could even come close to producing such video eye-candy by using something as basic as the free editor "Windows Movie Maker" 

Well,  my friends you have been informed. Impressively cool intros can indeed be created using nothing more complicated that your free copy of WWM.

Fancy having a go at making some cool pro-looking intros? This tutorial will show you how. It's easier than you think and loads of fun.So if all you've got to edit on is Windows Movie Maker (WMM) here is the tutorial you have been waiting for

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Instant Cheap 'n Easy DIY Camera Rig

Do you find that the video that you shoot with your mini-DV cam comes out a bit shakey? That every minor twitch of your hand is transmitted unfailingly to your footage?  Well unfortunately that's just the way it is with small cameras. 

Their small size means that it is difficult to hold them with both hands and the one you are holding it with is invariably close to the lens - a recipe that virtually guarantees shakiness.

What you need is a camera rig - a frame-like device that allows you to hold your camera with both hands - and away from the lens.  

Camera rigs however, (like everything photographic), are not cheap. Well fear not my little ones, because this video shows an easy, and instant way to re-purpose a bit of kit that you may already have, and use it as a camera-rig, quickly and easily, giving your home video clips all the classy looking stability that you know they deserve.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Camera Trick An Easy Wind-noise Reduction Hack

Ever had your video recording ruined by wind-noise that completely obliterated what was said?. It's a common problem  with most video cameras especialy those without a mic jack - which means that you are totally reliant on the camera's built-in mic.

There are, of course ways around this problem. But it's not always practical or even desireable to cart a separate recording unit and dead cat mic with you when all you want to do is make a quick one-man video up the side of a windy mountain

Although it's a common problem, it's one that can be solved easier than you may think. This video shows how to hack your video camera in seconds to vastly reduce wind-noise.  And it's not expensive or time consuming either - this hack costs just pennies and takes just seconds to do.

So if you are having trouble with wind-noise, check out the following video. For what the hack costs in terms of time effort & money (i.e. negligible  - It's well worth trying. 

Monday, 25 February 2013

Zero cost camera stabiliser that you can carry in your pocket.

Have you ever been in the situation where you have been out in the wilds with your video camera, hoping to make a nice little video, but the shots are a little shakey and you wishedthat you had brought something with you  to stabilise your video camera, but the prospect of lugging a tripod along for miles meant that you left it behind? (that was a big sentence wasn't it?)

Then this could be the answer. An easily constructed and virtually zero-cost camera stabiliser that is so compact that you can carry it about in your pocket. 

It might not compare with a full blown tripod, but it can certainly vastly reduce the inevitable shakiness that is part and parcel of hand-held shots. 

And anyway, It's so cheap, easy and effective, that it's certainly worth making and trying out for yourself. I'm guessing  that once you have tried it, you'll probably never leave home without it. Check it out in the video below.

Friday, 4 January 2013

Easy Gun-muzzle flash effects with Windows Movie Maker (WMM).

One of the most desired special effects among  video makers is the gun or muzzle flash effect. This effect turns a mediocre clip of a gun accompanied by a bang sound effect into something that looks real and deadly and believable.

Usually, to produce such effects you would have to utilise top-end video editors or specialist programs like Adobe's Aftereffects, which are not only complicated, but also very expensive to buy.

So what if you want to produce gun-flash effects for your own video, but all you have to edit on is a very basic video editor like Windows movie maker - Is it even possible with such kit?

Well, you will be happy to know that yes, it is possible, and it's not even all that complicated once you know how. The video below shows how simple the technique is. It may be simple, but the finished result is surprisingly effective.

You will need the use of a photo editing program, but this is no problem because the photo editor I use in the tutorial is absolutely free. It's called It's a useful bit of kit to have anyway, and it won't cost you a bean. You can download a copy from:
Just be sure to untick any boxes offering free browser toolbars etc. (Uless you specificall want 'em that is)

OK, 'nuff said - Here's the video.