Thursday, 16 October 2014

Easy Laser Zap Effect in ANY Video editor.

Ever fancied zapping people (filmically speaking) with a laser? Perhaps this is just the effect you need to put the fininshing touches to your own no-budget Sci-fi short but the ability to produce such an effect is beyond you?

After all, this stuff isn't easy. Hollywood spend gazillions of  dollars on special effects like these. Producing such a feat requires high-end editors and an encyclopaedic knowledge of specialist programs like Adobe's After Effects doesn't it? 

Well usually, yes but there is a simple technique you can use to pull off a pretty respectable laser-zap effect with minimal tools and skills. You can emulate the classic Star Trek style Laser/Phaser zap with surprisingly little in the way of fancy editors.

In fact, this Classic effect can be created on virually any video editor - even the most basic ones. If your editor can do simple cuts, fades and screen grabs (and they nearly all can) - Then you can do this. Check out the video to find out how.
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