Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Zero budget Camera Stabilizer.

My original intention was to demonstrate a "ghetto filmmaking" technique known as a "bag cam", which is a very simply constructed camera stabilizer using basic easily-available materials which is particularly useful for producing a "Dog's eye" point of view. The basic idea consists of placing the camera into a platic bag (with a hole cut for the lens). This places the camera close to the ground and the pendulum effect of the bag produces a stabilizing effect.

Well I tried it - and it was rubbish! The camera flopped about in the bag, which was much too light and blew about in even mild breezes and the bag material itself rustled like crazy ruining any attempt to record audio through the on-camera mic.

There was obviously room for improvement, and the "Bag cam" as it stood was not fit for purpose, so I had a think, came up with an idea, grabbed some everyday household stuff and created a new improved "Doggie Cam"

It's easy to make, effective and solves most of the problems presented by the unsuccessful "Bag Cam". Check out how to make one yourself in the video below. It's great fun and won't cost you anything.

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