Monday, 2 January 2017


When we record our videos, we usually just rely on the in-camera mic to pick up sound - which is fine, up to a point.  The problem is, (apart from the fact that most in-camera recording tends to be very poor quality), that it's very restrictive. The mic must stay with the camera, whether or not the sound source is close, or miles away.

To get good sound, we must do what the professionals do, and record our sound seperately, and with reasonably priced, high quality recorders like the Zoom H1 (much beloved by indie film makers) available, there's no reason not to.

Seperate recording however, does leave the problem of how to match the two files together afterwards? So, in this video, I take a video clip, and an audio recording from a Zoom H1 recorder and show how to synchronise them together in post production.

It's not complicated or difficult at all, but the difference in sound quality is very impressive - Try it yourself.

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