Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Synchronizing Audio and Video

If you've ever wondered why clapperboards need to be clapped at the beginning of each shot then Meejah's latest video is for you. The video is a how-to showing you how to synchronize your video with a seperately recorded audio.

Quite often, low-budget video productions are let down by their sound. This is because they use the sound recorded by their video camera, which can not only introduce noise produced by the handling and moving of the camera during recording, but will also produce varying qualities and volumes of sound depending on where the camera is used, how far the performers are away from the camera and etc.

By recording your audio seperately, you will gain much more control over your sound, and produce a slicker looking (and sounding) video.

Recording your sound seperately need not be expensive either. Yes audio equipment can be expensive, but a bit of creativity can work wonders. Meejah's previous video showed a Zero-budget way to achieve this using a mobile phone - with impressive results - Check out the video here:

Accurate synching of sound is surprisingly easy and takes litle in the way of equipment or skill. In fact, if your video is fairly uncomplicated, you can synch it simply by clapping your hands - Puzzled? just check out the video below and all will be revealed.

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