Sunday, 14 April 2013

Camera Trick An Easy Wind-noise Reduction Hack

Ever had your video recording ruined by wind-noise that completely obliterated what was said?. It's a common problem  with most video cameras especialy those without a mic jack - which means that you are totally reliant on the camera's built-in mic.

There are, of course ways around this problem. But it's not always practical or even desireable to cart a separate recording unit and dead cat mic with you when all you want to do is make a quick one-man video up the side of a windy mountain

Although it's a common problem, it's one that can be solved easier than you may think. This video shows how to hack your video camera in seconds to vastly reduce wind-noise.  And it's not expensive or time consuming either - this hack costs just pennies and takes just seconds to do.

So if you are having trouble with wind-noise, check out the following video. For what the hack costs in terms of time effort & money (i.e. negligible  - It's well worth trying. 

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