Saturday, 1 June 2013

Instant Cheap 'n Easy DIY Camera Rig

Do you find that the video that you shoot with your mini-DV cam comes out a bit shakey? That every minor twitch of your hand is transmitted unfailingly to your footage?  Well unfortunately that's just the way it is with small cameras. 

Their small size means that it is difficult to hold them with both hands and the one you are holding it with is invariably close to the lens - a recipe that virtually guarantees shakiness.

What you need is a camera rig - a frame-like device that allows you to hold your camera with both hands - and away from the lens.  

Camera rigs however, (like everything photographic), are not cheap. Well fear not my little ones, because this video shows an easy, and instant way to re-purpose a bit of kit that you may already have, and use it as a camera-rig, quickly and easily, giving your home video clips all the classy looking stability that you know they deserve.

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