Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Zero budget DIY Camera Slider - Easy and Instant!

How we all love those sexy slow slider camera shots that we see on the movies and TV. 

The way that the camera seems to effortlessly and smoothly float past the array of ingredients on your favourite cookery program, the smooth segue of the camera as it displays the dazzling flowers on those gardening programs and the slow considered change of point of view on those sumptuous period dramas.

Of course the equipment to carry out this feat of cinematographic splendour - a camera slider - are not cheap bits of kit. 

But despair not people, you can produce similar sexy smoothness with very little in the way of equipment. In fact you may already have everything you need to do this

So check out the video below, This incredibly quick and simple DIY hack will allow you to take those sexy smooth slider shots that you've seen on the movies and TV with virtually nothing in the way of equipment and cost. 

For something so quick and easy, the results of this DIY slider are remarkably good. Try it yourself.

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