Monday, 29 July 2013

Make a Pro Video Intro with WMM

Do you find the standard titling options in Windows Movie Maker (WMM) a bit Mnnahhh...? Do you long for something with a bit more gravitas that will bestow an aura  of high technology jiggery-pokery?

Alas, we all know that this kind of intro requires high octane (and costly) programs like "After effects". There is no way you could even come close to producing such video eye-candy by using something as basic as the free editor "Windows Movie Maker" 

Well,  my friends you have been informed. Impressively cool intros can indeed be created using nothing more complicated that your free copy of WWM.

Fancy having a go at making some cool pro-looking intros? This tutorial will show you how. It's easier than you think and loads of fun.So if all you've got to edit on is Windows Movie Maker (WMM) here is the tutorial you have been waiting for

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