Friday, 15 November 2013

How to do Jump Cuts

Do your Vlogs lack snap and pazazz? Do they ramble on a bit? - Then you need to discover Jump Cuts! 

What are Jump Cuts? Jump cuts is a rough 'n ready video editing technique, the sole purpose of which is to cut out all the rubbishy content of your Vlogs, such as ummms, aahhs  and pregnant pauses, and to stitch together the rest of the content into a fast pacey Vlog.

Check out the vlogscape on and around Youtube and you will see that this video editing technique has become the de facto way to edit Vlogs as it provides pace and zing to even the most mundane videos. 

This video transition technique is quick and easy to do and can be done with even the most basic of Video editors - in fact the demo here is done with Windows Movie Maker ( don't have a copy? No problem  you can download it free from the link at

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