Saturday, 12 November 2011

Meejah - Start making videos now.

Hi, I'm William Huw and I like making Youtube videos.

Now I know that there are lots of people out there that would like to be making videos for Youtube (and other places), but they believe that it's all beyond them. They think that it's all incredibly difficult (it's not), extremely technical (it doesn't have to be), and that they will have to buy lots of expensive equipment (they won't).

In fact, if you probably have everything you need to start making videos that you can publish on Youtube (and other places), right now.

So I have decided to make a blog that will show you how to do just that. How anyone can make some pretty good videos even if they have no budget and little to no equipment.

Each blog will be accompanied with a Youtube video, so you can see for yourself exactly what it is I'm banging on about. All the videos will be posted to TheMeejahChannel - my Youtube channel. If you would like to subscribe (it's free), here's the link: TheMeejahChannel

Once you have begun making and posting videos, you can even start to make money from them (it's not difficult), OK you probably won't make your fortune from them (well, not right away anyway), but you can cerrtainly make some pretty decent pocket-money to begin with, which could be a big help if you decide that you do want to buy some expensive equipment later on  :)

So don't delay. Make sure you get the lowdown on all the videomaking tips, tricks and wrinkles that will be coming this way by subscribing to this blog.
See you at the Oscars.

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